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We've been serving small and medium sized business in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Devlyne Networks makes sure your networks are running smoothly, the first time. We're experts in Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Wireless Integration, Network Security and Software Integration. Make it all come together for your peace of mind.

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The last thing business owners want to think about is their network grinding to a halt. Security threats come in all varieties, some of which are emerging daily. Malware is software that is installed without the user's knowledge. It is powerful enough to bring down entire business networks. Even though most employees know not to click on a strange attachment in e-mail, malware may be hiding in unforseen places. Instant messaging, various websites, and demo software all potentially contain this incidious business threat. How will you protect your business?

At Devlyne, we believe that watching out for emerging threats is part of a days work. Securing your network before culprits get in and monitoring for any new potential virus alerts, spyware, and malware is all before lunch.

Over the past 20 years, we've developed an approach that makes your network air-tight. Our 3-pronged approach consists of:

Content filtering: Safe-guarding information that flows in and out of your network; typically includes e-mail, weblinks, etc.

Remote support: Usually, a compromised computer on a business network may exhibit signs of sickness. Performance may be slower, popups may appear out of nowhere and other fun annoyances. We can remotely access the “patient” to make diagnosis and repair. However, we are always available for housecalls.

On-site support: This is where being local makes all the difference. When a scary blue screen of death [BSOD] appears, we are there to give life-support. Access Denied? We're there to make you a VIP.

We understand that security is just one top concern, please look at all of our services.